Western Pennsylvania Hospital News April 2006 Mind, Body and Spirit. "What is osteopathic medicine and a DO?" Summary of Healer's Touch topics, and integration of complementary and alternative medicine into LECOM curriculum through funding by Departhment of Health and Human Resources grant awarded in 2005.
The Bradford Era 4/1/06: Local Physician to Hold Book Signing Today. Dr. Jan Hendryx returns to his hometown of Bradford, PA for a public lecture on the topic of "Healthcare for the 21st Century" and for a book-signing of Healer's Touch at UPB. Article explores the topics of osteopathic medicine as a "first choice in healthcare" and its expanded paradigm of healing body, mind, and spirit. Thoughtful analysis and synopsis of book subjects, writing style.
Olean Times-Herald 3/31/06: "Physician-Author in Town Saturday for Book-Signing". Discusses some important topics found within Healer's Touch. "I wrote this book because people were always asking me 'What is a D.O. and what is osteopathic medicine' I went along, it evolved into this transformational journey." The book, written for the lay person and professional alike, explores common-sense approaches to prevention, stress reduction, and natural ways of healing. It explores the
use of the hands for diagnosis and facilitating the healing response. Signing at Bromeley Theater,Blaisdell Hall, Pitt-Bradford on 4/1/06.
The Kane Republican 3/30/06: "Bradford Physician Authors Book on Healing". Article discusses the impetus behind the writing of Dr. Hendryx's new book, Healer's Touch. "Much can be accomplished by taking time to search for the root cause of illness, and teach patients how to prevent disease through nutrition, exercise, and integration of body, mind, and spirit" relates Hendryx...

Free public presentation and book-signing at University of Pittsburgh-Bradford on 4/1/06.
LECOM Connection, quarterly news journal, Winter 2006, p.12. Mind, Body, and Spirit. The publication of Dr. Hendryx' book, Healer's Touch, is announced. This article expands on why the book was written and how it evolved into a transformational journey to explore the depths of healing. "The book challenges the osteopathic profession to return to its roots and integrate the mind and spirit with the body into healing." It also emphasizes our goal "to educate our future physicians by expanding their knowledge and skills in alternative medicine to meet the evolving needs of our patients."
POMA (Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association) Newsletter. 3/17/06, p. 5. Physicians in the News. "Jan T. Hendryx, D.O. (UNTHSC '86) recently published a book titled, Healer's Touch, whcih explores treating the whole person, the evolution of osteopathic medicine, spiritual dimensions to healing, and the future of osteopathic medicine..."
Erie Times-News 3/6/06 Making Rounds. Jan Hendryx, DO is featured in an article about his new book, Healer's Touch. The article also discusses implementation of integrative medicine into LECOM's medical curriculum and support from a 2005 federal Health and Human Resources grant. This weekly newspaper section highlights professional accomplishments of individuals and organizations in the health care field.


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